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Research (and common sense) tells us that older persons, those around them, and society benefit more and do better when strongly supported emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Elder Mediation is a voluntary, cooperative process where an Elder Mediator facilitates discussions to assist those thinking about or faced with life’s stresses particularly possible in life's later life stages.

 “Elder Mediation is now being recognized internationally as an important step in the continuum of care- promoting wellness, developing prevention strategies and enhancing quality of life. The focus is on address concerns and issues while maintaining and strengthening the myriad of relationships critical to the well-being of the older person. Typically it involves many players… who are concerned or affected by unexpected or unresolved events.”

 A Caregivers Guide by Robert Rhudy 

As people approach or are living in the mid- to latter cycles of life, concerns or conflicts can arise about family businesses, living and housing arrangements, financial arrangements, caregiving, acknowledging and caring for the caregiver, relationships, holiday schedules, new marriages and stepfamily situations, possible abuse and neglect, need for possible guardianship and/or conservatorship, incapacitation issues, and, perhaps, end of life planning and decision making.

 At the Family Mediation Center, dignity and respect are the hallmarks. Everyone is treated as we all deserve and prefer to be. Our approach is to sensitively address the situation and help creatively build the best situation(s) possible for those most directly concerned such as family members as well as for others affected. In some situations, caregivers, support staff, and physicians participate. Because the wisdom of each person adds to the understanding of the group, everyone involved in the discussions and decision making is as involved as they can and prefer to be…and is listened to with care. The mediation itself (or as the process proceeds) may include support professionals such as attorneys, financial or mental or physical health professionals whether at the mediation or available by phone or other means. We build the process and procedures that best suits each case.

Ordinarily, before the first session, Joy will have spoken briefly with each person and professional who will be involved in the mediation. That helps everyone "get a feeling for” each other and, perhaps, voice concerns and possible issues.

Often, Joy meets with everyone at the Intake Session or first session. Then she will meet with everyone through out or separately and some times in a combination of meeting separately and together.

Often - and sometimes to the surprise of some or all involved, the elder person(s), family members or others involved in the mediation express opinions or ideas not heard or considered previously…adding more possibilities and further richness to the family and situational dynamics.

The plan is always to help build an environment to support the older person or persons as well as all concerned as best we can given what we have to work with...and to arrive there in as mutual, respectful, and cooperative process as possible.