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Unmarried Parents

By Joy Borum, Mediator

Unmarried parents come to us for help in structuring parenting and child support agreements, turning those into court orders, if desired, and filing the paternity paperwork, if necessary. Following is some information about such procedures:


Establishing the biological father of a child:

  • Can be done during the mother's pregnancy or after the child's birth;
  • Can be done by both parents either agreeing in writing that the father is the father of the child born out of wedlock or by both parents signing the birth certificate of a child born out of wedlock;
  • Tests are available to establish paternity if there is a question about who the father is;
  • A man is presumed to be a child's father if the father and mother were married at anytime within the 10 months prior to the birth.

Knowing the biology heritage of a child can be critical because:

  • Inherited genetic information may be crucial to the child's health and development;
  • Monetary support needs to exist to help raise the child and child support can be issued only once paternity is established;
  • Certain inheritance rights require knowing who a child's father is;
  • Children often gain understanding and insight into themselves by knowing their inherited background.

You may want to look at:

(25-801 through 25-813, Arizona's paternity and maternity statutes)

This is information only and is not intended to be used as legal advice.