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The Parenting Coordinator: The Court's Remedy for High Conflict Parents

By Allison Quattrocchi, Mediator (retired) and

Joy Borum, Mediator

"I don't know when the war began between my parents but I do know that the only prisoners they took were the children." *

You are divorced. You have children. You are seeing way too much of the inside of the courthouse or so much conflict it's sucking the energies out of your days and lives...and your children. The other parent just isn't cooperating-or is it you? The other parent probably thinks so. Or maybe one or each of you knows this is all just too hard, but isn't sure or doesn't know how to "do it differently."

You may request a Parening Coordinator or the court may appoint a Parenting Coordinator to help find a more helpful way. If you are unsuccessful at reaching an agreement with the aid of the Parenting Coordinator, the Parenting Coordinator will make a recommendation to the court. You, the parents, then will lose the right to make the decision on the issue(s) you are fighting about that affect your children. 

Though I was the first attorney trained as a Parenting Coordinator, I no longer serve in that role. The Maricopa County Superior Court has a list of mental health and law professionals who have been trained as Parenting Coordinators.

*Pat Conner, "Prince of Tides"