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Post-Divorce Modifications

By Allison Quattrocchi, Mediator (retired)

Change is inevitable. This is particularly true when raising children. It is close to impossible to create parenting agreements and child support arrangements that don’t need to be revisited, especially if the child was relatively young at the time of the original agreement. One of the advantages of mediating your divorce is that you both have someone with whom you are comfortable who can be there for you when a change is necessary. Regardless, however, whether you mediated your original agreements with Family Mediation Center, we will help you get the job done.

Your present parenting time arrangement may need to be revisited for a variety of reasons. The more common reasons are because the children are older and have different time-sharing needs, a parent is moving away, a parent has a new job, a parent is getting remarried or some other life-changing event that alters the original plan has occurred. Child support is even more likely to be readdressed because one of your children no longer qualifies for child support or parental incomes and other expenses used in the original calculation have changed.

Spousal maintenance can also be modified, if you did not agree originally to make it non-modifiable, as long as there has been "a significant change of circumstances not anticipated at the time the agreement was made." Whether spousal maintenance is modifiable or non-modifiable, you can always mutually agree to make changes. Mediation is the most efficient and sensible way to accomplish such a change.

New agreements require new paperwork. We can draft a Stipulation for Modification which both parties sign. We then enter the Stipulation with the Court along with an Order for the judge to sign. Once the Order is signed, you have successfully modified your agreement.