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By Allison Quattrocchi, Mediator (retired)
and Jill Jones-Soderman, MSW


Courage: Ability to be confident enough so he or she can think, explore, try, fail and try again, and be able to see failure as an opportunity for new learning.

Self-Esteem: Ability to sustain a self-image that is separate and unassailable from the images others have of the child. A child wants to feel capable and strong.

Responsibility: Ability to accept praise or blame for actions or choices the child makes and to carry out the roles expected of him or her as a member of the family and of society.

Stability: Ability to hold consistent feelings and images of others because of a history of nurturing and trust.

Capability to Love and to Honor Commitments: Ability to care about others, to sustain emotional attachments, and to be empathetic.

Judgment: Ability to make choices that allows the child to survive, be successful, and thrive in the world.

In sum, we want to raise children to become independent, caring, and self-sufficient adults who are good family members and good citizens.