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One of the first divorce mediation centers in the nation, acclaimed for experience and expertise, Family Mediation Center helps you cooperatively resolve all divorce, family, child, elder, probate, and business issues and achieve better agreements. Joy, an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), mediator, former family and juvenile law attorney, brings decades of experience to help you build your way forward. 

We offer a 30" courtesy session so you, your spouse or partner, or those needing to be involved can meet with Joy, learn more about the process, get informed answers to your questions, and discuss the particulars of your situation.

Our services can include the preparation of all necessary court documents.


"In the past year, I have thought of you often...with gratitude. I felt that your advice was always absolutely fair and balanced. I felt that you were so clear and transparent - and so full of compassion.
 Bottom line - you met me when I was as stressed and as unhappy as I’ve ever been. A year or so later, I find myself happy and relaxed about my future. You had a big part in that and I thank you.
I would happily be a reference for you — and for the mediation process. 
Joy, you are more than a lawyer. You are a real healer."


"Finding Joy was just that, finding joy during an otherwise painful and complicated time. I shudder to think of the outcome if I handled my divorce any other way. Joy’s respect and understanding for both parties was palpable and unwavering.
Divorce can be demoralizing, overwhelming, and downright confusing, but these issues were minimized thanks to her professionalism and devotion. From day one, Joy explained what we could expect from each meeting, and as a result, we came prepared and worked through the process with ease. Joy is patient yet persistent, meticulous yet calm. She has the ability to balance the emotions in the room, and she made sure we didn't lose focus.
Joy also never lost sight of the most important thing – the children. As a mediator, Joy is incredibly impartial, but I still had the sense she was holding my hand through the entire process."



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